1. an introduction to something more substantial.

All sons & daughters posted the above definition of overture today. The video introduces their latest self-titled album beautifully. I mentioned it previously in the last post regarding “seeking peace” & how I personally find myself more at ease once listening to their song “more than anything” on repeat. The bridge has become my mantra: “through the calm and the storm, through the chaos, though the mountains may crumble, You will not, ever-failing Your promise, eternal“.

This video stirs up so much emotion in my soul. Why?

Simply, I relate. Don’t you? I feel like a tiny, yet valuable, part of the people “on this rock” longing for something more substantial. Grasping at the air for something of meaning, of depth. I search for understanding in the day to day happenings in my life personally & those I love. I tend to look in all the wrong places. Then something happens… something shifts… I am brought back to what matters. I get re-directed by a song, a person, an event, or even a silent moment. I am beginning to recognize all these gentle nudges as a sweet gift from the One who made me. I taste of what is to come!

We are living the Overture. Yes! There is more to come! This temporary place we call earth is yet a taste of heaven, the true land flowing with milk + honey, for eternity. If only we could keep focused on having a heavenly perspective in the day-to-day. We will continue to unpack this truth that we are indeed All Sons & Daughters of a Father who loves us deeply, just as we are.

What does the video stir in you?

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4 thoughts on “all sons&daughters

  1. This video simply put, gave me relief. It gave me a sense of calmness and peace “when we have the eyes of faith we see a certain divine glow shimmering within the ordinary” This reminds me that although I don’t always remember on a day to day basis, I am offered a new heart and new eyes every moment. I have been made new and have been given a gift of seeing things in a new way and that fills me with joy just thinking about it. Even things as simple as a sunrise.. for 19 years of my life i never took a second glance at the sun setting or rising, and now it has become one of my favorite things. Having the eyes of faith makes this world- in the midst of chaos- so much more beautiful. love this video 🙂


  2. Overture! Such a beautiful analogy- I was considering this yesterday, and then this morning my devotional called heaven the reflection, darkly lit. The glimpse if enough to overwhelm us & how truly amazing the love of our savior when we see him in full!(!!!) the taste of the beauty, I’m so glad to have an overture.


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