“Never is a woman so fulfilled as when she chooses to underwhelm her schedule

so she can let God overwhelm her soul” -Lysa Terkeurst

A few weeks ago I was just about to fall asleep when my phone buzzed & I received a text from my older sister… “can you come join me in the morning at the conference I told you about?” My heart started thumping & I instantly thought there was no way to work out the details so last minute so I hesitantly said “maybe, will txt in the morning”…  I rolled over, tried to go to sleep, & I tossed and turned all night fighting my deep desire to make it happen! I woke, unsettled. I knew I was supposed to go… there was no question about it. Why was I fighting it so hard? After all, this could be The Best Yes I would make in 2014! So I made quick arrangements for the kids (thanks mom!), grabbed breakfast-to-go that ended up on my outfit in the chaos, & took deep breaths riding during the morning rush country-cut-through I took from Davidson to Concord to attend the opening session of the SheSpeaks Conference. The goal of the gathering is to empower & provide tools to help women thrive in a call they have to speak or write Truth. As we were seated & worship began, I quickly realized this was part of my story. Being here in this moment, swept up in the beauty of the thousands of women longing to speak their stories, we sang words that I needed right then to calm my rushed spirit. I thanked God for the gift of being in this space. I asked him to guide me & to slow me. Lysa spoke and her words were like honey, a soothing salve of affirmation to my soul: “unrush me” she said.

Yes, unrush me!

See, until a few years ago, I would never have heard this call in my life…to write & share some of my story. I didn’t slow down long enough to hear what the Spirit was speaking to me, because I was too rushed to hear anything above my own plans & strivings to do the next thing on my list of goals to be productive. I joke often that becoming a mother has taught me that my plans are pointless because they typically just fly out the window moment by fleeting moment. Having swung to the opposite end of the extreme, I have learned to embrace saying “no” often, which has been the most freeing & empowering, yet at times also most unproductive season of my life! Turning 30 last year was an ebeneezer for me, a laying of a stake in the ground, that my new goal in this next decade is to find a sweet spot in the middle. A balance of Yes’s & No’s, so I can live my life in a way that honors the One who made me, while not being bound to the should voices that grow so deafening in my head. My personal “Best Yes” is that I want to spend intentional time daily writing in the coming years. My emotions are raw as I look back & assess all the waves that have swept up & the constant drowning-mode that finally brought me to my knees versus using my own efforts to attempt to keep it all under control & essentially, my head above water.

What a gift to hear Lysa Terkeurst speak about feeding sheep while following the pattern of the shepherd by living life with an unrushed rhythm & creating sacred space to be able to “up & go”, & to spend less time holding people accountable & more time holding them close. Then, hearing Christine Caine speak about the freedom that comes in sharing our story when we are patient & focused on our Creator, by reminding us with a visual image of an old polaroid that takes time to develop the image in comparison to the quick instagrams we snap & post so quickly. She shared that as we trust blindly in the dark room as he imprints His image on us, submitting to the time it takes for our story to develop, & focusing on our Creator for confidence versus our gift, that then we can point to His goodness in our story. Both women helped unrush me & remind me that as Christine said in summary: “You don’t have to strive–when you are being led by the Shepherd”.

So, as I embark deeper into this writing journey… my hope is to stay focused on my Maker so I can point to Him, not myself. I want to be led by the Shepherd . That is my big “best yes” moving forward & there will be a lot more yes’s & no’s along the way. What are your best Yes’s ? 

FYI: The Best Yes releases this Tuesday 8/12
& the best part is you can join the Book Release Party from your couch LIVE! Not only is it a timely message for this season as fall schedules are filling up, but in addition all proceeds go to hope-offering organizations around the world, so you are blessing both yourself & others when you buy this book!

To help celebrate, I would love to giveaway 1 free copy of The Best Yes to the M+H community! Simply leave a message in the comments below by clicking on the + at the bottom of the post & share why/how you plan to “make wise decisions in the midst of endless demands” in this bustling fall of 2014!

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10 thoughts on “she speaks + giveaway

  1. Ah, making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands… Wow. I’m not gonna lie, this season for me is We are homebodies in a serious way- I have very few requests of me or my time outside of our families needs. So saying yes – has become difficult to find & be intentional in. I am still seeking how & what & when I am going to shift from ‘endless demands’ being only my children to more. I think more writin for me as well my friend. Looking forward to October! 😉


    1. I’m praying for God to help me WALK IN THE SPIRIT & be so controlled by Him that I wouldn’t be able to say yes or no when it’s the wrong response!


  2. This semester is going to be crazy. I just settled on elementary education for my major and I couldn’t be happier, we have a new area director for young life here in Wilmington, we’re starting college life on top of leader training, all of our yl teams are going to look a lot different with people graduating and leaving. I’m staring a part time nannying job. and I’m living in a new house with two new roommates. All of these things are great and I’m so excited to see what The Lord has in store for this new season, but I think making wise decisions in the midst of chaos this fall will mean having to prioritize a lot. Saying “no” to things even though missing out makes me squirm most of the time. This summer has sadly but honestly been a dry season, I never would have guessed that, because I had more time than I knew what to do with, but it turned into me having a lack of motivation and willingness to be in solitude. I’m learning that I rejected that rest. I wanted to be constantly hanging out with people and for the free time to be all about me. I want to take this next season slowly day by day and take it all in. To spend my resting time alone with The Lord. To learn that being alone for long periods of time can be good. There will be endless demands from everyone around me but my goal is to learn when to say no and when to say yes.


  3. Brie, I love that your “Best Yes” right now is being fully present for your boys & husband. It is beautiful to watch from afar & agree that the endless demands of motherhood doesn’t leave a lot of extra white space! Imagine all the Lord is doing in your heart as you fight for that margin to BE! & move nonstop. HA!


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