I mentioned in my first post that the reason why I am writing about yearning, yet again, is simply because I yearn, still. Even though the warmth of the sun is absorbed more lately, I yearn, still. It seems I have finally come to terms, in my 30 years of life, with the fact that part of the process of returning Home to my Maker is to want more than this place can offer.

Everything in between our first breath & last, also known as our one fleeting life, is a process. It’s an unfolding story. One that is full of beautifully messy subplots. Rich moments made up of seconds, minutes, hours, days, week, years, decades, centuries… totaling one meaningful life. It’s a gift really… this gained perspective that all we are promised is right now. It changes everything. Every moment matters.

Reading Ann Voskamp’s  One Thousand Gifts a few years ago truly taught me the irreplaceable fulfillment of savoring the moment & that nothing is wasted in our mundane day-to-day. She pointed out that the bubbles formed while washing dishes exhausted at the end of a long day are indeed a gift. She reminded me that when we cannot make sense of a relationship that the process of refinement is the gift. She pointed me to gratitude for every breath I get to take.


I literally cannot stop counting the gifts. I typically take snapshots throughout my day to capture  (& sometimes share on M+H instagram) little slivers of the beauty all around us. I have never been more convinced of His constant pursuit for my heart, and yours as I look back & see His hand in the highs&lows. It’s all part of that process of reconciliation we are desperately longing for… to be swooped up into the arms of the Beloved, our wispy hairs pushed away gently, & genuine words of love spoken over our soul.

I am finally not kicking and screaming to be spared of anything unpleasant anymore learning to love the process!

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5 thoughts on “31 days // 2 process

  1. What a time appropriate read for me today! As a brand new (as in 3 days) 🙂 writer/blogger, I spent the day struggling with ‘the process’ and this post was such an encouragement. Also, I’m so glad to have a fellow counselor (well, I’m still working towards licensure…which I put on hold for a bit to be a stay-at-home mom) from the 31 day writing challenge to follow!


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