milk&honey-7Music makes me yearn like nothing else… in the best of ways as it points me to what my soul craves: deep peace, in the moment. Just as I am. Music has a way of opening up the hidden places in me & forces me to take it all, the messy parts, to the One who made me. It is a gift that rings in my ears throughout my day.

Here are a few musicians that are stirring up some sweet goodness in my soul daily on repeat.

Hope you enjoy!

A friend from high school, Daniel Goans, & his beautiful wife’s band LowlandHum.

My dear friend Reeve Coobs who blows me away nonstop with her striking, soulful voice.

Sisters, Lennon & Maisy Stella who happen to be on the show Nashville, which yes I do watch weekly.

Seryn. My husband loves them & so do I… such passion, it moves me deeply. 

& another Lennon & Maisy… because,  just wow.

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