milk&honey-50My nightstand is towering with two stacks of books, some I have read numerous times that I like to flip-through often, some I have read half way, & some that are waiting patiently to be uncovered & dusted off. If you hang out for me for very long I will most likely quote from one of the books pictured below at some point in our conversation. Our Creator has used the gift of books in my life since I can remember. My early favorite books were The Little Engine that Could, Once Upon the Potty, and See Spot Go. Eventually I discovered Judy Bloom books in middle school & then in high school every Francine Rivers or relationship type book I could get my hands on. I actually worked at a tiny bookstore in Greensboro called Logos for a few years which mostly meant  I earned money to spend on books. Reading is something that helps me identify with other’s stories and reminds me that my yearnings are universal. Books help me remember that I am not alone, we are all walking through this life longing to be with the One who made us. When I look back at the string of books that have been woven into my story personally, I am in awe of the impact words can have. I am thankful to the authors for taking the time to write and share their story so that I might be encouraged. I honestly believe that if only one person is strengthened by the courageous author’s work that it is worth it.



I was able to hear Anne speak last spring with a neighbor of mine & I was so encouraged by the boldness with which she shares her story.


This book reminds me the importance of getting my little ones outside everyday to run & play. It doesn’t always happen… but when they do we are all better for it.



I enjoyed Emily’s first book Grace for the Good Girl so I pre-ordered this book & it has been a springboard of conversation with friends about how we all have “art” to offer in a million little ways. Also, I was able to attend my first Writer’s Circle at a barn event she held at her sister, The Nester’s, place a few weeks ago (links included to see it for yourself!).


good grief


This book came at just the right time to put to words how I was feeling & realizing that grief is a slow, beautiful process. It’s a short quick read that lifts you up when you feel like you are stuck in the valley.



This was a favorite read I have referenced over&over from grad school. It takes the myers briggs & integrates with spiritual formation, which makes so much sense! There is a chart I often refer to when I am trying to find balance in my spiritual & daily life.

best yes


A few months ago my older sister Laurie invited me to be her guest at the SheSpeaks conference held my Lysa Terkeurst. I was able to get my hands on a copy of this & hear both Lysa & Christine Caine speak about finding out “best yes” in various seasons of our lives. What an essential reminder to those of us that have a tendency to say “yes” to everything… even good things! A great tool for making wise decisions.



& last but not least… Myquillyn Smith’s book, The Nester, who I mentioned above (Emily Freeman’s sister) where I attend the barn event. She has a canvas in this book that lists all the street names of the places she has lived in the last 15 years. I love this idea of each “nest” being part of her story. Her message is simple:  It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. 

Amen to that + what books are you reading lately? There is room on my nightstand for another tower!



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