One of my favorite ways to connect with our Creator & pour out my yearnings at His feet is to walk + pray.

I woke up yesterday headed to a 5K to support a ministry called Children’s Impact Network that helps raise funds for orphanages in Bolivia, Honduras, & Colombia. Our church partners with CIN & sends teams on mission trips to help meet the needs at various times throughout the year. My friend Michelle works for CIN & it’s beautiful to watch her heart for these kids. She even took her son, my middle son’s buddy, down to Honduras this past year to meet many of the kids she helps be sponsored. Inspired by her, I decided to bring my son along to teach him some life lessons about endurance and giving and prayer. See this 5K isn’t just a fundraiser, its also a prayer run/walk where you are handed a picture & bio of one of the orphans to pray for specifically during your time on the course. On the car ride over to Lake Forest Church I reminded my little guy that there are some children in the world who do not have clean water, enough food to eat, a place to live, or even parents to take care of them (we have this conversation often when ungrateful picky eating arises). I told him that we would be getting a picture of a child who fits this description & that he & I would get to pray for them our walk. His eyes lit up once we opened our bag & found the picture & read his prayer requests. The prayer portion of the 5K adds such a personal slant to the whole experience & it was beautiful to watch my son connect with the face of the boy in another country who was simply asking for basic needs versus the next car from his favorite movie or for me, the jeans I have been eyeing. We both gained some much needed perspective.

Watching this video gives a glimpse into the mission of CIN:

It is pretty incredible how prayer transforms + connects us to the hearts of others.

When I pray for people in my life, my heart softens & I feel a deeper sense of understanding of their story. Something shifts in me & I begin to love them even more than I did before. The yearnings of my heart tend to seem less urgent & my eyes are opened to all the needs around me. My longings remain, yet I feel more satisfied. Prayer pushes me closer to my Creator & makes me more like Him. Thankfully I become less, & He becomes more.

I found my son that night after dinner when I normally ask him to help me clear the table, offering to help me before I even asked. I then remembered that when I placed his dinner in front of him earlier he was grateful for what was provided for him. Will this stick? Probably not 100%. Yet he gained some wisdom from the 5K as we leisurely strolled through the autumn leaves while holding our card of the precious boy we were given. We then came home & prayed for  God’s abundance to be spread upon him so far away from our little corner of the world. Little seeds were planted in the soul of my little man & in the process I hope CIN was able to raise a lot of funds to send directly to the orphanages in these specific countries.

Well done yesterday Michelle, you did a great work!

[& thanks for being a leisurely walker with me + little man Glass girls!]

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