milk&honey-14This week the school where I work a few mornings a week for guidance counseling is on fall break. I forgot temporarily what it was like before the rhythm of the school year began to have zero places to be during the summer. Now we have places to be, people to pick up, & errands to run–daily. I like to settle into the rhythm, but I also miss the spontaneity + freedom. My oldest will enter kindergarten next fall, so the days staying out a little later than normal because we can just skip preschool in the morning are coming to a close to some degree for us. It was a fresh breath of air for me today to go to an appointment sans kids, then walk slowly down main street sipping my kale berry smoothie, get lost in habitat for humanity for a few hours, then dine with a friend on an outdoor patio escaping into our dreams & noting where we have so clearly seen God lately together. These days are rare, but when they come, I soak up every ounce of goodness they offer!

Enter: soul-care.

We all need it. We crave it. Caring for our souls brings us life! Then we may give from the overflow.

When life gets busy, my soul feels silenced. My thinking gets cloudy & I lose sight of what really matters. Taking the time to care for my soul, as selfish as it feels at first, ends up serving everyone around me. Today was one of those days. I needed to get out, breathe in some fresh autumn air, & gain some perspective. When I got home I was refreshed & ready to tackle the piles of laundry, the boxes that needed to be packed (we are moving down the street, more on that later!), and cuddle little ones who needed a happy mama.

Recently, I have started waking up just a little bit before my kids do to read the shereadstruth app on my iPhone + some Ellie Holcomb tunes. I am usually half awake, but it makes such a difference before I even put my feet onto the ground to have the One who made me speak some Truth into my heart. I yearn for that connection that rejuvenates! I can tell a drastic difference in my day when I skip these simple steps.

Day5 of this current plan of 1&2 Pater is called: Longing for God  It is crazy how I can read this & a few moments later the memory of that Truth slips away. The verse for the day was this: Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation – 1 Peter 2:2  Yes! I do, I yearn for the milk, the sustenance that nourishes my soul & keeps me going down the path He has laid out for me. Yet I so easily stumble in my to-do list before my eyes even open. What I am really longing for is simple: our Maker.

You & I both were made to be in relationship with our Maker. It’s truly the greatest form of soul care.


2 thoughts on “31 days // 15 soul care

  1. I love SheReadsTruth and find that it is a must for my morning routine to ground me in Jesus before I start my day. I’ve been following along with your blog through this series, and God has used many of your posts to speak to me. Thanks for sharing.


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