white flag

I find myself half way in to the writing for 31 Days challenge + I am going to have to wave the white flag! That might as well be me hiding behind those boxes because our house looks like that scene (yet a bit less calm) right about now. When I eagerly launched my 2nd year of  #write31days I did not know that we would be moving down the street at the end of this month. I could not be more excited about this move, but the combo of packing + writing daily just isn’t going to happen over the next 15 days. So it is with bittersweetness that I surrender mid-way through October, hopefully to pick back up on Nov. 16th. Thanks for understanding & I hope you’ll stay around for some random posts to come between now&then as I feel led. Thankful for freedom that comes in surrender!

Now, I am so excited to take the time just before I doze off at night to catch up on reading some friends blogs who are trucking along nicely this month. Join me? Hop on over to the 5 I am following: My Life in Prose (Brie Prose a dear friend from Hickory who now lives in Florida), Eternity in our Hearts (Renne Ratcliffe, a fellow counselor I just reconnected with from grad school), Little House on the Circle (a blogland friend who I stumbled upon because her 31days button was just so pretty–pictured below),  The Nesting Place (Myquillyn Smith “The Nester”, DIYer before DIYing was big, owner of The Barn) , & Chatting at the Sky (Emily P. Freeman, sister to Myquillyn, author of the book I will hand your way if we talk for more than 5 minutes anytime in the near future “A Million Little Ways”).  Enjoy!


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