M+H is ONE + Giveaway

M+H is one

It is hard to believe M+H is entering it’s 2nd year of business! Thank YOU for all your support!

A little over a year ago I was easing out of the fog of a wild + full season. It was the first time in 4 years since graduation that I had a moment to think about what I really wanted to do to develop my calling as a counselor. M+H was birthed in a lengthy conversation with my husband that oozed of risk + fear + pure JOY. We took the leap + stepped out in faith hoping for the best and here we are a year later seeing His hand in every detail!  This month I am grateful to celebrate 5 years of counseling + 1 year of M+H! I consider it a humbling gift, to enter into the quieter places of women’s lives in a safe and confidential setting, to help others taste of the fullness of the land of milk + honey here on earth in various seasons of their lives.

When I was in grad school I always had a tug on my heart to eventually start my own private counseling practice. I envisioned an old house with lots of charm, soothing tones, & peaceful corners. I still dream of that space happening one day! For now I have been blessed to have a local, convenient shared space with a few other therapists here in Davidson. Doors have continued to open with consistent growth of M+H’s client base over the year & I am adding slots as needed. Many of you have referred your friends & family through sharing about your own personal experience. I am so grateful for your continued support & looking forward to serving more of the Lake Norman population as we head into year two. If you would like to sign-up for the all new M+H Newsletter please do so here.

As a way to celebrate the beauty that results from taking a leap of faith a giveaway seems appropriate! We all choose every day to play it safe or to take a risk & trust… may we all be encouraged by these artist’s works & steps of faith below! They both deeply encourage my soul & I pray they will yours as well.

I want to give away a copy of the much anticipated book by Susie Davis called UnAfraid: Trusting God in an Unsafe World, which releases this coming week on April 21st. I believe this book will set many fear-ers free to live life fully.


+ a digital copy of Alli Rogers new EP Breathe which just released this week & is already on repeat refreshing my soul & making my heart sing.


+ my favorite minty Noonday Collection necklace


In order to enter the M+H Giveaway simply comment below on a way you have stepped out & taken a risk recently. Please also share a link to this M+H post on your Facebook/Instagram account to spread the word!

[Giveaway will end at midnight Monday April 20th & be announced on Tuesday April 21st at 12:00pmEST]

Thank you again for support M+H in our first year of business & for continuing to share your experience with others so that they might benefit from our services offering Hope in the dark places + seasons we all enter at some point of life.

8 thoughts on “M+H is ONE + Giveaway

    1. Stepping out and taking a risk for me recently looked different than what it normally does for me- a “go, go, go” and “do, do, do” person by nature. I decided to say no to some good things and risk my fears of admitting that I just couldn’t do it all in order to have more peace and rest.


  1. Stepping out feels like staying on the sidelines for me lately. Hearing the Lord say ‘trust me with your dreams’ and then actually believing He will add it back in His timing. Not making it happen, but letting go of the wrestle for control. Whew.


  2. After staying at home for a little over five years with my kiddos, I felt the Lord calling me to go back to grad school for teaching. I felt that this was the next step in order to satisfy my desire to educated women and children coming out of human trafficking. I have 2 weeks left of my program until I am officially a certified teacher!


  3. I’ve started taking lecture classes at our church entitled “answering the hard questions” in order to step out in answering my own hard questions as well as those I’m trying to share Jesus with.


  4. Babies. Babies are where my heart did not want to go for the longest time. And I now know why: because 2.5 years into this thing, and my heart is shattered and worn- and beating alive and desperate for more Creator goodness in a vulnerable, impossible way I would never have stepped into “on my own volition” (as though kids weren’t at least half my choice… Well, you know). It still feels new and risky as I make my way to seeing where the new me-not-(just)-mom needs to move – or stay- next.


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