Winter’s End & Laying It Down


The sunrise over Lake Norman this morning soothed my soul in the midst of the i-77 gridlock. Taking a brief moment to soak in the swirly cotton candy clouds made all the hustle cease, at least for a few fleeting seconds. My husband was driving so I snapped this quick shot so I could capture the beauty for later reflection. I wanted to bottle up the peace & carry it in my back pocket all day long, so I did just that. We continued on our path of errands for the morning and even though the day felt heavy to me in many ways, my inner chaos calmed each time I glanced back at this photo throughout the day. It felt as if the whole word stopped spinning just long enough that I could catch my breath to inhale this gracious painting of beauty by our Creator.

He does that doesn’t he? He knows just what we need & in the moment it truly is enough. He meets us in our weakness & flailing & provides a gentle nudge to remind us He is nearby. He has not forgotten us. He sees us & longs for us to walk in His peace that floods our depths.

I want so badly to consistently believe that the Lord has my best interest in mind. When external circumstances slip out of my hands, I tend to get feisty, then weary. I grasp tightly to all the small things so an illusion of control is formed. I push people I love away. I want to fight the feelings on my own. The anxiety builds and the tears flow as I feel that I am alone. Winter sets in and the cold, blustery wind cuts deep.

Waking up today felt like gloom and doom as the reporters bantered about the presidential polls & the direction our country is headed. The loss of a vibrant and beloved man in our church to cancer has crushed the hopeful spirits of young and old in our body of believers. My son’s painful ear infection returned over night and kept him from enjoying his first few days of being a new 7 year old. No matter the size of the thorn, the brokenness of this world surfaces the ache we all suppress. We long for the land of milk and honey in a world that offers dry bones.

Yet, here is the Hope from Paul in Romans 8:18: I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. We have a Hope, that what we experience here in this place between birth and death, the in between, is just a blink of time in comparison to the Heavenly Home we will experience for eternity. The mercy He showers upon us through soothing sunrises and all the manna moments personalized to each of His children are more than enough as we wait!

Winter does indeed end, and we get the gift of bursts of warmth and blooms springing up daily. We must not miss the light cracking through even the darkest of days. For He is good. In death there is life, in sickness there is health, and even in politics, there is hope!

So may we be people who learn to sing as Lauren Daigle sings “help me to lay it down, let this be where I die, my Lord with thee, crucified, and be lifted High as my kingdoms fall, once & for all”. 


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