Keeping Our Eyes Open


Trust me, you can catch some light if you

Keep your eyes open till it comes

Have your eyes open

When it comes

Have Your Eyes Open (song by Christa Wells, featuring Ellie Holcomb)

Our family of five woke up on Daylight Savings at dawn to chirping birds bantering around our backyard campsite crumbs. Dewdrops slid along the curves of our lofty tent landing on the nose of my three year old daughter as she pointed out the source of the sounds that broke our silent slumber. We surprisingly survived, and even thrived, during our first family campout complete with smores, hot dogs, and sleeping under the North Carolina stars together.

Have you ever said “yes” begrudgingly to something that in turn swelled your soul? Camping in our backyard is a yes I will never regret! My kids are still in awe and are ready or our next adventure! My husband and I connected in a familiar way around the campfire in the stillness of the crisp evening. We are so glad we said “yes”.

Saying “yes” sometimes sheds light in ways we may not anticipate. We live in a world where committing to anything that takes extra energy & effort typically leads to a logical “no” out of pure convenience. Yet when your son who has been begging to go camping for quite some time asks you on the most ideal weekend with zero plans, perfect temperatures, and icy blue piercing eyes, you go for it!

James 1:12 (NIV) says: Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

On nights like these it is obvious that our God is in the business of bringing light into the dark in the most creative & personally tailored ways. Our creator met us that evening under the stars He hung just above our heads. We are all anticipating our next time to gather sleeping bags, maybe this time a few miles away versus steps from our backdoor!

We simply must keep our eyes open to see His gracious hand ushering us through this messy, sometimes chaotic life. It may even come in the form of crackling campfires in our backyards.

Later that morning, I received a phone call from a friend offering two tickets to the ballet beginning in just a few short hours. Feeling the ache from sleeping on the ground and a tired toddler adjusting to the new time shift, my head wanted to say “no” yet my heart shouted “yes”.

We took quick showers, got dressed in our favorite threads, and headed south to the Queen City. It was an unexpected gift that in turn filled our day with wonder. We were two small town girls gazing around at all the movement. The fleeting slice of time in the city was the cherry on top of our weekend that was lavished with distinct detailed love from our Creator.We didn’t even realize we needed a change of pace until we were there in the midst of the sea of bouncy ballerinas pointing out all the grace + mercy in dance form. We both sat still, front & center, wide-eyed + content as they swept the floor + air before us.

My eyes were opened once again to the nearness of our God.

He sees us today, right where we are. May we be comforted, step in His light, and keep our eyes open to how He graciously leaves gifts along our paths. May we sometimes say “yes” & let the light crack through while we make memories with the ones we love!



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