Today will be a short post because the last one was a bit heavy & Sundays were made to be slow, maybe even light, but slow for sure. Sundays are a day to exhale. A day to surrender.

I snuck up on my daughter a few months ago playing outside in her element throwing her hands up and smiling wildly. She had a glimmer in her eye that displayed her deep love for the moment. She had no agenda, no plans, she was simply being led by wherever the breeze blew. Her hair whipped in the gentle breeze as she pranced through the tall grass. She was fully alive & rested & joyous!

Oh to be like her, to have that childlike faith. To flit from here to there & simply enjoy creation. If even for just a slice of time to feel connection to her Creator in her corner.

Finding peace in the slow Sunday surrender is relinquishing all our efforts and being loved for who and whose we are for one day of the week. My hope is that the Sabbath sensibility I hold in my heart would carry into every breath I take as the week begins. May we all rest in knowing that we are unconditionally loved by the One who knit us together. May we find peace in the slowness that peels back the layers of our shields and allows us to hear the Spirit. May we be led in our lives that start early on Monday mornings to carry this peace with us throughout our days, no matter where they may take us. May we keep Sundays slow, in order to surrender our weeks, months, years, decades, and whole lives to our Maker.


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