Tonight I am tired y’all. I am a day behind on writing as I near the first full week of #write31days. Writing in the cracks has meant less sleep for me so tonight I am going to tell you my recipe for peace in sleeping.

I keep a notebook beside of my bed where I write down all of the lingering thoughts that run through as I attempt to close off my brain for the evening. I use the lavender essential oil on my pillow. I try to turn off my phone or laptop at least 15 minutes before I close my eyes. I listen to some soothing music to settle into sleep. I leave behind all unfinished work for tomorrow, knowing that once I have reached my limit in one 24 hour span, rest is required to offer my best to my people, the world, and my work the next day. I breathe deep & rest in my Maker.

So tonight I am signing off with a simple post about sleep. Since I need some myself! Let’s all try to get some tonight + leave behind what we still feel we need to get done for tomorrow! img_3754-2

[image via IF:Gathering]

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