Do you feel a burn deep inside that keeps rising to the surface that won’t settle?

Friends, if the answer is yes you may be a creative soul looking for some direction!

Look no further! Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky is offering the online School for Creative Direction. Today is the last day to sign up and I would love for you to to join me & 100+ others in starting & completing a project you have been dreaming about together. For less than $100 you can have access to daily wisdom in various forms & a process that will walk you through not only the dreaming stages, but also a built in structure for creating + completing your goal. The best part in my opinion is the Facebook private group where other creatives like yourself can bounce ideas around & even Emily will be commenting!

Back in March I was honored to sit on Emily’s first Artist Bench with 8 other creative women from across the country. We entered into a conversation that continues today which has awakened confidence in my drive to dream, carve time to create, and hash it out with others. The burn that I have felt in my heart to write is now more focused & I feel less alone in the doubts of if my work is worth offering to the world. Thanks to Emily’s gentle guidance and the community that has formed on this virtual bench, I am inching closer in my calling to enter the final stages of my own unique project our Creator has been cultivating in me for years. You may have heard of Emily’s book A Million Little Ways–Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live.  I read it when it was published a few years ago & finally started writing again after a few years of putting my pen down for a season. It was the jumpstart I needed to get pen back to paper with a mission in mind. If you only start there, I hope you will consider uncovering the art you were made to live sooner than later!

I know for me when I started feeling that ‘burn’ I referenced above I could not rest or suppress it very far without acknowledging that it existed in the depths of my being. For a long time I didn’t even tell my husband about what was stirring around in my mind and heart. I was embarrassed that I didn’t have what it might take to take steps towards my project. I felt very alone even after I shared with him and a few close friends what I was processing. It wasn’t too long after that when I stumbled upon Hope*ologie, now known as Hope*Writers, a writer’s network of women led by Emily & her sister The Nester. I then attended the Writer’s Barn at Myquillyn’s farm and Emily’s Simply Tuesday book release party and simply cannot get enough of what these two sisters and their families are doing. What drew me to them was not only the beauty of their selves, but their desire to bring people into the fold versus pushing themselves up and competing to be the greatest. They truly want to see hope spread in a million little ways and set up others to do so beautifully.

I know there are a lot of online courses floating around the inter webs these days with a similar price tag. I can personally vouch not only for Emily’s character and desire to help you so you can offer hope to others, but having sat on her bench before, I could not wait to sign up for this newer version of the course. So come join this creative community so we can sprinkle Hope across all the corners of our broken world together friends. Let’s create!

Today is the last day to sign up until next year for the School for Creative Direction.

Will you join us? For more info click here: Create + Complete course

& to watch a teaser of the book that started it all for me A Million Little Ways:

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