A few years ago I was first introduced to Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience  when her One Thousand Gifts book released when I was in the throws of having babies and surviving hormones, toddlers, a husband in full time ministry, and an identity crisis. I was used to operating as a productive, more type A, go-getter for the first 25 years life, and then it all came to an initially unwelcomed halt. Enter, a book that helped me slow down & breathe.

My middle little guy was 9 months old when I found out I was pregnant with our youngest little lady. 2011-2013 were my hardest years to date in this life and I cannot imagine walking through that season without Ann’s wisdom bound together in the pages of her book. She helped me, and millions for that matter, pause and hunt for beauty in the midst of our chaos. She helped me find the root of peace in my swirling circumstances of having 3 kids under 4, while moving houses, doing ministry, and losing a dear friend to cancer.


Ann is releasing her next book Oct. 25th and I am honored to be on the launch team for The Broken Way. You can pre-order it through amazon & it will arrive in your mailbox that day! I received my hardcopy this week and have already flown through the first half. I was reading it yesterday while longing to be flying up to Canada to join the launch team on Ann’s farm for chapter readings in her barn, but alas, an early copy in my hands was the best birthday gift. The subtitle ‘a daring path into the abundant life’ gives a glimpse into the reality that Ann expresses throughout the book, that the ‘broken way’ is truly a dare to a more full, authentic, and connected life. Peace is found in the broken, yet beautiful places.

Check out this trailer to learn more about The Broken Way from Ann:

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