May we all be a little more like children & simply attempt to play today.

13498152_1722806421318859_1951723610261030057_oThere is peace that comes from getting outside, barefoot. We let loose, run, & breathe.13495658_1722806754652159_6521261535027378471_oWe get creative and leave behind our screens.13522793_1722806651318836_2079305636720491597_oWe feel deeply rooted and reminded of who we are on this earth in which we walk.13498028_1722806551318846_4744446578389880374_oWe connect with our Creator in His creation with His people & feel alive again!13495486_1722806474652187_5542397740865611953_o

Let us all play this weekend + refresh our spirits, like the little children.

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