“every moment wasted on anxiety is a moment missed of living.” –Heather Dixon

A friend is doing 31 Days of Battling Anxiety and I have been so encouraged by her writing. You can find Heather Dixon over at The Rescued Letters writing each day in October about her struggle with worry upon a diagnosis she didn’t expect. She points us to the Truth.img_2811

You can read more about her story here  and the hope she finds in the midst of the heavy.

I am continuously amazed by women who battle a diagnosis at a young age and point us all to choosing life when life can feel fragile. May we all soak in each moment with less worry & rest in the truth that He has us, no matter what our season or circumstance may suggest.

We all know the feeling of anxiety even if it manifests in different ways in each of our bodies. Our hearts race, we get sweaty hands, or our heads may spin. It is a sense of feeling out of control and being overwhelmed by an emotion that we do not prefer to experience.

There are many ways we try to soothe the angst, but having scripture woven into our hearts is something we can tap into from any place. Heather points us to the wisdom in the Word and reminds us of the power of God’s living letters to battle against the broken.


[Free printable made by Heather]

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