People used to sit on their porches all the time back in the day. When life was a little slower, families had the white space and margin to take the time to sit and fret less.

Why is it so hard for us to sit on our porches these days? What drives us to go, go go?



I know for my there is always a never ending list of things I would like to scratch off my to-do list. It ranges anywhere from laundry to writing a submission for a publication. Most days the mundane trumps the things that make me feel alive & the necessary responsibilities push my dreams to the back burner. But I wonder what the world might look like if we created corners in our schedule that allowed for interruptions and time to sit and stare off in space and lets our creative juices flow. I know for me my most inspired times come when I am standing in the shower or sitting outside breathing in fresh air.

Peace enters my soul when I leave my phone inside & swing outside for even just a few moments with a magazine or book or even a child of mine. The stillness of porchtime breathes life into the ruts of my daily routine that keep my moving like a robot. I long to be spirit led versus acting out of my own desires and selfish longings moment by moment. I have found that in order to have the head space to hear the subtle, yet bold voice of my Creator I must provide an environment that drowns out the distractions and lets His will be heard.

I have to be very intentional to not bypass my porch swing when I head to the mailbox every few days. I feel my heart longing to go sit and take some time to just be, yet usually I keep walking and doing everything inside that needs to get done. I am left many time feeling anxious and overwhelmed by all the things, even good things, I feel I need to do. However, when I take even 5 minutes to slow down and enjoy some porch time, I come back into my house with a fresh perspective. I am renewed by the reality that I don’t have to go, go, go to feel peace. It is actually the opposite. When I find myself moving nonstop controlled by the burdens of this world, I run out of steam because I am doing it in my own strength. There is something about that time on the porch that allows me to meet with my Maker long enough to remember that He is the One who gives me the strength to keep going. May we all take some time this weekend to practice porch, patio, stoop time sitting.



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