Today I got to enjoy a little slice of heaven on earth meandering around the property of The Nester at her first ever NestFest. A dear friend and I rode down together to check out the handmade and antique vendors, food trucks, and musical guests on a blissful fall day.


Something I have always appreciated about Myquillyn Smith’s blogging and her book The Nesting Place, is her main message that “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”. Ever since I can remember I have loved finding unique items to fill up our house with or gift to others that reflect their personality and style. Today at the white barn was a culmination of all the things I love and it was such a gift to slowly roam from booth to booth soaking in all the beauty. There is something about the thrill of the hunt for sure, but today for me it was simply about being with my friend Kristin, talking about life, dreams, ministry, and swooning over all the beauty contained in this one place together.


I have been to the barn a few times for a writing workshop & Emily Freeman’s book release party for Simply Tuesday. Each event I have attended I have felt this deep peace and like I was at “home” in a sense amongst strangers, yet women I am kindred spirits with. Today it was a sweet gift to share this hunt for beauty with my dear friend. You know those people you just feel at home with? The ones you could talk to for hours on end and never tire of it? Today was filled to the brim with that goodness while we hunted beauty around every corner as leaves crunches beneath our feet and leaves & acorns dropped slowly from the tall canopy of trees overhead. Our favorite part was shopping in the barn first thing before everyone else started to discover was amazing deals and finds were tucked away inside. Myquillyn had tagged a lot of her own belongings to sell and it was a joy to shop!

Today was a Saturday for the books as the setting itself was a delight while linking arms with my  friend, seeing old and new ones in passing, and hunting beauty at our own pace.

I am grateful for the peace that comes from setting aside a day to hunt beauty.



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