I tend to forget the peace that washes over my almost instantly when I start to read the written Word from our Creator. When I was growing up memorizing verses was a thing we did for stars and big cookies in Sunday school. Somewhere along the way I grew a distaste for that form of reciting and decided in college in a “future plans” conversation with my now-husband that we wouldn’t make our kids do that. We didn’t want the verses to be meaningless and just roll off their tongue without any attachment to their heart. It wasn’t until Kindergarten hit for my oldest that I first saw the real need for him to have some living wisdom tucked away in his inner being in time of need when he was out of my reach.


Now we spend sometime writing and coloring verses that directly apply to his life. It simply seemed like the right time to show him how to look up scripture and how to connect the dots to his own soul and his relation to the people around him. I could not be more thankful that the verses we have chosen to take a closer look at now are tucked away!

Many artists have started lettering verses and lyrics to hymns on all kinds of mediums. We have started hanging them on our walls and everytime I walk by one, a warm peace floods over me. I hope the same will become a part of my kids story as they grow and crave the living Word. I pray it will serve as a constant in the midst of their little daily storms.

Words that stand the test of time and transform us from the inside out are a true gift.

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