FullSizeRender-44Manna for your Monday is here // A new weekly weekend edition that arrives on Sunday


Friends, for the past few years I have been drawn to the concept of modern-day Manna. I guess it started 4-5 years ago in the thick of having young kids, when most days I was felt like I was not enough, and that enough was enough! With the combo of hormones, little sleep, and lots of transition I was forced to tap into something beyond myself to survive each day of mothering 3 little ones 5&under. I found myself flipping desperately through the words of the Bible to find something I could cling to.

Usually I would land in the Gospels or letters to find that one verse that would just bring all the happy thoughts and warm fuzzy feelings, but that day I found a more lofty concept that struck me. I noticed that God rained down an odd substance called manna from the heavens for the Israelites who were weary and wandering around in the desert. I could totally relate to their grumbling and aching for food and drink because in my own way I was craving something that would fill me up too. I love how they asked “what is it?” because a lot of times we are so unaware of what God is gifting us with because it might not be what we have in mind. So I started taking a closer look at the book of Exodus where God provides over & over for His people. I was blown away when my eyes opened to the ways God was doing the same for me everyday. I wanted to start hunting for these “manna moments” so that I wouldn’t miss His love. I didn’t want to miss it.

So, I started tracking all the ways I feel like God meets me in my mess. I am a documenter naturally so to have a landing place for all these big and small happenings made my heart swell. I have captured moments that sometimes make me laugh and sometimes take my breath away. You can find 500+ of them from the last year under the hashtag #mannamoment.


Will you join me in starting to discover the “manna moments” that God is providing you? I already have some friends who have joined me in tracking theirs, will you join us? What a JOY it will be to look back over this hashtag in the years to come & trace His hand!

I stand in awe at all the ways I’ve found Him in the darkest of days & happiest of times.

I mentioned a few months ago that I have become more consistent with my writing personally over the last couple years, and that my morning pages have been centering around a more focused theme. Well, I am happy to share that as of tomorrow morning, my book proposal will be in the hands of an editor for review! This process has been raw and refining for me as I have prayed and truly asked God to have His way with this idea.

Tomorrow I will hit send and release the art that He has been cultivating in me for years. It is a humbling and vulnerable thing to present something that is so close to my heart. Would you join me in praying that I would fade to the back of this process and that our Creator would stay in His rightful position in the driver seat? I would so appreciate that.

I will keep you all up-to-date on all of that jazz over the next few weeks and months…

But for now, here are a few offerings for you to enjoy & indulge in that I hope feed your soul as they did for me. Welcome to the 1st Debut Edition of: “Manna for your Monday”:

tues coloring book

I must start with this article about Unhealthy Hustle 1 because Emily Freeman does such an intentional and kind job of “creating space for our soul to breathe” & 2 because her coloring book is coming out this week and I cannot wait for all my people to see it! I got to flip through it this weekend at her sister’s barn & y’all, you need to get this in your hands fast. So, go enjoy her post that will breathe some life into your Monday & pre-order her coloring book tonight, because you can probably still get it by Tuesday on Amazon Prime.



Next, y’all have got to hop over to my dear friend Melissa’s refreshing blog: www.melissahirshburg.com We “met” on an Artist Bench led by Emily about this time last year and her tender voice on voxer soothes my soul. We have kept up and encouraged each other along in our writing and creative pursuits regularly and I know you will feel some goodness flowing from her blog and her artwork. Please go check her out!


Last, but not least, but definitely the farthest away is my kindred spirit Anjuli in San Diego. We also “met” on the Artist Bench about this time last year and have kept up too. We have a lot of overlapping interests in psychology, photography, and writing. If you want to follow along and be encouraged in the messy + mundane go find her on instagram. She is using the hashtag #stayawaketolove which I usually tag along with my #mannamoment because the two tend to go hand in hand in my mind most days. xo


I hope you have gathered some goodness from the very 1st “Manna for your Monday” friends! I will be back here next week with some more goods for ya! 


See you next Sunday, if not before then y’all. 

& in case you missed it, I posted my first Facebook Live video on my writing page:

4 thoughts on “Manna for Monday: Debut

  1. Oh Meredith, my heart is overflowing with thankfulness; seeing the completion and the release of your creative project while knowing the resistance and struggle of the journey! way to go, and you inspire me! I am so thankful for the friends I have made through the artist’s bench, for God’s provision and kindness. Joining you in prayer as you release this labor of love – that others may know and experience Christ’s love, gentleness, rescue, and hope.


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