It has been a few slow & soothing days down on the coast of North Carolina for my family. The weather this time of year is always a bit unpredictable falling somewhere between a high of 50 & 80. So we have found ourselves in layers with a cool breeze in the mornings and in tank tops basking in the sun by midday. Life itself feels like it teeters between these extremes many days. Sometimes we can feel the warmth and sometimes it’s blocked by the wind cutting through. Holy Week is upon us & today on Palm Sunday we celebrate the coming of Jesus by waving palm branches & singing Hosanna! I remember having actual palm branches in my little methodist church growing up & waving them with my friends to signify the coming of Christ. It was such a tangible way for me to put my feet on the sand of the people lining the roads awaiting our humble King on a donkey. We are all expectant of what He does on Easter, yet we anticipate the heavy, dark days of the end of the week as well. As I looked out onto the stillness of the sun setting over the sound, with ombre shades of orange & pink, I felt an ache and a sliver of JOY on the horizon. Both-And. The SheReadsTruth Lent study of the book of Isaiah has demonstrated this tension so beautifully over the past 30+ days. So as we await what is to come & remember what happened 2,000 years ago here are a few gifts that have provided ‘manna’ for me this week that I pray will do the same for you as well. SheReadsTruth has a free Holy Week daily reading right here:

1. Slowing down & delighting in a treat.

My daughter & I share a similar love for flavors so dreamsicle & coffee icecream it was for us to kickoff Spring Break. Spend sometime slowing down this week & enjoying the people around you a little more deeply. Icecream can’t hurt.

2. Coloring words that matter. 

This week I had the opportunity to take some high school friends of mine to hear Emily Freeman read from her book & color It’s Simply Tuesday at our local Barnes & Nobles bookstore. What a gift to sit and soak in the sweetness of her words being washed over thirsty souls as we colored and ate chocolate at the tables together. Do yourself a favor and go grab one today!

Also, what fun to hug some Hope*Writers!

3. Watching Steph Curry sing Moana. 

I cannot think of anything better to ease the pain of a Monday morning than the Moana soundtrack ala our very own Davidson College Alum Steph Curry. This is the best.

So there you have it folks, week 2 of Manna for your Monday, pardon my typos because I am on Spring Break with my people & my iphone can only handle so much tonight.

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