Anyone else wake up with what felt like an Easter hangover?

It might have been all the extra sugar, or the pollen floating through the air, but I think it was mostly the FULLNESS for me. 

Easter just packs a lot… it’s all of life in a nutshell:

birth to life, to death, to life.



We had a lovely Easter weekend here in our town in North Carolina. Sometimes it just feels good to settle in and stay home and be with your people doing the simple things. We spent the beginning of the week at the beach unexpectedly and the salt water soothed our souls and skin. Then we had a few days as a family to unpack, rest, and prepare for an egg hunt + brunch. The Lent study on Isaiah from SheReadsTruth was coming to a close and I felt a sense of heaviness as we approached Good Friday. We shared the Garden to the Grave narrative with our kids throughout the week for the first time in more depth this year. With the help of the Jesus Storybook Bible we had lots of images to help us reveal the full story. I found myself teary eyed watching them absorb it all again.


Sunday we had a delicious brunch with our parents and our kids grandparents. We enjoyed the company and easter treats and just being together. I then took my annual slow and quiet stroll by the flowery cross in the front yard of a methodist church nearby. I grew up attending a methodist church and have always loved this tradition. There is something about the the way the colors weave together and bring beauty to the mess of the cross that takes my breath away. The older I get the more I feel like my heart might explode as I realize more every year the depth of His love for us & how we deserve nothing, but He offers us everything. It is a lot to process & my heart can’t contain it all. Oh the questions that 8 & under(s) have about life + death, whew.


Saturday was spent with dear friends hunting eggs, eating macaroons, and chatting about the enneagram. I have been re-reading The Road Back to You and listening to podcasts over the past few years to try to better understand my ‘type4wing5’ personality. It was fascinating to watch friends take the assessment and gain insight into how they tick. It has been a huge source of understanding for my husband Ben and I lately. Instead of fighting for the right ways to do things, we are learning to embrace loving each other better, just as we are & were made to be.

So friends, after a full weekend I am sure we are all a little bit disoriented today as life goes on. These are a few places around the internet that met me right where I was today. I hope and pray they cultivate some goodness in your soul as another week begins!


Here is some Manna for your Monday:

The Road Back to You book/podcast + FREE Enneagram online assessment

Are My Kid’s on Track by counselor Sissy Goff + Surviving Sarah podcast interview

Jenny & Tyler’s song about Easter that swells my soul ‘See the Conquerer’

Tsh of The Art of Simple‘s new book that releases tomorrow At Home in the World

Ruthie’s Story a Nashville native’s transparent story about the curated images she portrays

+ a few people to follow on instagram who bring life to the scrolling:










Lastly, stay tuned this week for my counseling practice milk + honey  ‘s

3 year anniversary giveaway!

It always includes some of my favorite things that are ‘manna’ for my soul. xo

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