It has been raining hard for the past few days in our town. Usually when it rains a lot the clouds will part and some light will crack through, but we are going on 48+ hours straight of nonstop heavy downpours. The trees and flowers are soaking up every ounce of water + are flourishing in the steady stream from heaven. I am sitting here listening to the rhythm on our roof as our kids run wild inside taking deep breaths as I look at the week ahead.

Here is some Manna for your Monday (& the week ahead):

An explanation of the spiritual & physical aspects of Depression: Gloom to Gratefulness

Drawing to Music with kids + exploring art & the soul by Jean via the Artful Parent

Bethel Music playlists echo in my head most days, the latest from the Johnsons:


Have a wonderful week, praying it is full of all the things you love + people you adore.




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