Those April showers have brought all the May flowers + here we are beginning the most bustling month of the calendar year! Graduations. Weddings. End of year everythings.

Need some mantras for your May?

Craving some fresh air & peace to wash over you?

I know I do. I want to soak in every second of all the goodness without my whiplash.

This past weekend my family went up to Family Camp at Young Life’s camp Windy Gap in Asheville. I feel like it was the calm before the storm of a series of very full weekends coming up with multiple events happening until June! Many times I find myself at the end of the month of May wondering where the time went and wishing I could take a slow meander back through all the celebrations that passed me by. This year I want to intentionally attempt to be fully present at each event. I want to breathe in deeply the beauty of the people we are celebrating and the culmination of another school year.

May brings all the emotions. We watch high schoolers commit to colleges, college students take jobs. Young couples get married. We celebrate motherhood. We say goodbye to teachers who have invested deeply in our little ones. We end chapters. We begin new seasons.

So much transformation happens in the span of just 9 months. Babies can grow. Toddlers learn to walk and speak. Children becomes readers and writers. Teenagers drive. Couples unite. May is the fruit of labor.

photo by Michelle Shott at Windy Gap

May we slowly soak in all the upcoming celebrations that tend to leave our heads spinning + exhausted and savor the fleeting nature of this full, yet rich season this spring.

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