It was a full weekend & Monday came too soon! There was some heavy in my heart + but my feet felt light. We celebrated with dear high school friends going to prom, college friends expecting twins, & an end of the year bash full of doughnuts + dancing!

Sometimes even when sickness, financial struggles, or any unexpectedness hits… we can still feel JOY in the midst of it all. What a gift it was to walk around our town on Saturday and soak in the goodness of the green leaves, music, and food wafting through the air. Even though a friend was battling some hard news, we were able to simply be in it together. It is as if God knows just what we need and points us to the simple things of life to ease the pain. Our pastor spoke about his daughter’s upcoming heart surgery on Sunday and how even Joseph in Genesis was bound by brokenness but thrived because of God’s nearness. We can face anything, the waves will not overtake us, we can rest in Him.

I pray this manna for your Monday provides even an ounce of goodness for your soul today! 

Sometimes we can delight in the sweetness of the moment, even when everything seems out of reach.

Need some Manna for your Monday?

1- Just go check out these weimy puppies, I may or may not be in the market

2- Mama friends, this collection of interviews is for you via GraceLaced Motherhood series

3- Ann V on how right Jimmy Kimmel was to speak out about funding for tiny heart(s)

4- “Rest in You” by All Sons + Daughters based on Saint Augustine’s quote:

Our hearts are restless until we find rest in You

this is where my Hope lies
this is where my soul sighs
& i will always find my rest in You
you cannot change
yet you change everything

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