I stopped in my tracks when I saw the title of Anne Bogel’s book: Reading People. Why didn’t I think of that? It’s brilliant! At first glance I thought she was going to solely talk about people who read, but when I read the subtitle the actual meaning was revealed… how seeing the world through personality changes everything. Oh my word, yes! It is about “reading people” and seeing what type of reader they are based on personality!

Being a counselor & having studied personality for many years in my practice milk + honey counseling  I have come to appreciate that differences that color our world. We each bring so many different aspects to the table and life would be so utterly boring if we were all the same. We have a creative Maker who made us the way we are for a reason! Anne does a beautiful job of pointing us to this truth throughout her book. She integrates MBTI (Myers Briggs), INFJ here! The Enneagram, Type 4 here! Strengths Finder, etc.

ann bogel quote

I have followed along with Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog and podcast for a while now since Anne talks about all things books and reading.  Growing up I worked at our local independent bookstore and loved pairing people with books, new & old, based on their personality and interest. If you are local, you can get that chance with Anne here in Davidson, North Carolina on Oct. 22 5-7pm. Anne will match you with a personalized read over at Main Street Books including delicious delights from my friend Jen at the Pickled Peach. Come join me & some friends to meet Anne + discover your reading personality! You can also take her quiz online on the Reading People dot com website.


Serving on Anne’s launch team for her book release today has been such a gift! Happy book birthday Anne, we are so glad you were made just as you are, & thanks for reminding us to embrace our differences so that we might live, love, work, & pray more fully! Delving into the difference personality tests over the years has transformed not only my relationships, but those of many of my counseling clients & I cannot wait to hand this book over to them, since it is easy to navigate and absorb with all it’s wisdom.


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