hope*writers + my book

Friends, I am writing a book & it is WILD! These two squares go hand-in-hand because I can confidently say that without the community of hope*writers I would not be releasing my debut book for you in January 2020! I am publishing with Revell, a division of Baker books & we are still working on finalizing the title + cover, but it is all happening!

I wanted to officially share this news with you in this space because each of you are the reason why I am writing this book. I have been so inspired through conversations, comments, and messages from many of you over the years and it is a gift to write in this long form way so I can hand over what the Lord has been showing me & the Hope we have. Between now and Christmas you will find me sitting, staring, & writing right here.

Click here to learn more about hope*writers & how it has helped me grow as a writer!

Tonight hope*writers is offering a FREE mastermind class led by Emily P Freeman 8pm.

If you would like to join us & hear more about how you can grow as a writer click here


Maybe you are not quite sure if this is something you “qualify” for… but let me just say if there is one thing I have learned from hope*writers it is that there is room at the table! I didn’t start calling myself a writer until a few years ago, a year after being a part of H*W. Sure I started my blog a decade ago, but I slowed down writing on it when my kids were tiny and I even stopped journaling for a season. I literally didn’t have the bandwidth or free hands to pick up a pen for a while there! Maybe you can relate? But I am a writer + have been writing all along, in my mind.

We all have a story to tell + only you can tell yours, in your way. The world is waiting to hear it! 

If you want to find out where you might fall into the writing stages, just click here.


You can also click here to get these FREE 20 Writer Questions answered, it is like gold. I wish I would have had this in my hands a few years ago. Many of my favorite authors are sharing their wisdom & pointing writers in the right direction to share their Hope uniquely!

Lastly, the doors are reopening to register to become a member of hope*writers this week! You will have an opportunity to learn more about the details & get a taste of the community from Emily tonight during the class, but I highly recommend hope*writers.

Many say it is the kindest corner of the internet. I would agree.


So, if any of this is stirring something in your heart in regards to writing, I hope you will try it out tonight & see what you think. If you decide to sign up to join this family, please use this link & it will help me continue to be a part of it all & continue to spread hope, in my way.

Over the next year I would greatly appreciate your prayers as this book is birthed! 

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